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Bubblin Superbooks

About us:

Bubblin is an online café of books.

A silent and cozy place to hang out and read good books. By silent we mean no comments, no advertisements, no overarching reviews and no noisy opinions from people on the way. Just books, quiet and you. Socialize minimally (and privately), share interests with other book lovers and like-minded individuals.

Rediscover yourself in the quiet company of good books.

Learn more about us on our FAQs page.

"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light."

—Vera Nazarian

What else does Bubblin do?

Well, Bubblin is an opinionated community of book-lovers on the web. The riding thought behind this website is that books are slowly moving towards and will eventually become a first class citizen of the web at some point in time. We want to quicken that process.

Our goal is to deepen the effectiveness of the Internet & books together as a single unified resource that is both accessible and open. We're building a bunch of open source tools and associated technology to produce native-class experience of books on the web. It is true that members of our community love reading well-formed books i.e. ones with beautiful typography, tightly formatted and responsive paginated content, a silky smooth page-transitioning experience that is critical to experience of books.

Note, all our books are also progressive single pages apps (pSPAs), meaning offline-first.

Thankfully, with modern web technologies all this is possible at scale now. Since our books can work in offline—mode i.e. without Internet connection we think that our technology we can bring a great change in the way that world has consumed ebooks.

Check out some handpicked titles that were outed today! Also, feel free to request a title.

Meet the founders:
Marvin Danig
Hacker, CEO
Sonica Arora
Hacker, CTO

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Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.