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About us

Bubblin is a community of book lovers on the web.

A silent and cozy place to hang out and read books. By silent we mean no commenting, no socializing and no noisy aha! moments from people you discover on the way. Just books, quiet and you.

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So, who are we really?

We're an opinionated community of book lovers. Our belief is that books will become a first class citizen of web at some point in time. We want to quicken that process. Our members love reading well-formed books i.e. books with beautiful typography, uniformly paginated content and a silky page transitioning experience that is native to books.

Thankfully, with modern web technologies all this is possible. Also, our books work offline—meaning with or without Internet connection and on any device: tablet, desktop or smartphone.

All our books are responsive and progressive single pages apps (pSPAs).

Hacker, CEO
Hacker, CTO

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Writer or Comics maker?

At the other end, we help writers and comics artists make books or comics or magazine for the web and sell (promote) 'em online. Directly. Sign up to get access to our special editing tools and the broad community of editors, designers and developers who will help you in every possible way to wriggle out any kind of book, comics or magazine.

We love all kinds of creative work!

You might want to start here on our writers page to learn more. We have some terrific documentation and great open source tools to get you started.

Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.