Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Bubblin?

    Bubblin is an online café of books.

    A silent and cozy place to hang-out and read. All our books are FREE to read and share with anyone. They are responsive by default and also offline-first, meaning that they work everywhere with or without Internet.

    Go ahead. Free yourself from the shackles of properietary formats, expensive hardware and remove the pain of downloading a pesky little file forever.

  2. Okay. How is the support?

    A blank book (the superbook container) is supported nearly everywhere. All devices, all viewports, all operating systems and all modern browsers.

  3. What's a superbook?

    Superbooks are books powered with code under each page. Code that can potentially output static text or a dynamic visual explanation or some contextual substance that helps the reader dive into the story deeper or "understand" a key concept easily.

    For example, see tidal locking with Moon that is explained on our demo book of the Solar System.

    Trivially, a superbook can render large body of texts such as novels and textbooks too.

    Here are some advantages of superbooks over other lifeless forms of ebooks such as epub or PDF files that need to be downloaded first.

  4. So what's unique here?

    To start off, we introduce JavaScript inside ebooks. JavaScript on each page of the book. And that's a very powerful feature to begin with.

    This means you can:

    1. Put a canvas experiment inside your book to explain pendulum motion using animation.
    2. Code up a comics book using animated CSS3 characters instead of heavy aGIFs.
    3. Publish a photo book capturing all your memories at one place, maximize real estate for photos.
    4. Create an album book of music videos and lyrics side-by-side.

    and so on…

    We believe that adapting books to the idea and building-blocks of web can lead us to endless creativity and expression inside of digital books and thus a better world of books.

  5. I'm a writer, how does this work for me?

    The best place to start writing is our documentation page. We provide some of the best-in-class open source tools and free templates to help you start any kind of book, comics or magazine in a matter of minutes.

  6. Is there a tutorial?

    Here's a tutorial on how to write superbooks by Marvin Danig.

  7. Can I price and sell my book?

    Absolutely! We provide a dead-simple tool to price your books and sell it anywhere in the world.

    Learn more about connecting Stripe to your Bubblin account to enable payments.

  8. Is this self-publishing?

    Well, not exactly. It's more like app development and push to deploy.

    Here you can involve your friends, collaborate with designers, front-end developers, editors and other field specialists to help you polish your work on-the-fly using Git. And then push out changes (rolling editions) in real-time to your readers on the other side.

    As an artist/writer you can focus entirely on your story (content) and let the tools manage your manuscript (project) for you.

  9. What fee / cut does Bubblin take?


  10. Is there an iOS or Android app?

    Native apps are planned. Our first love is web; also it is the last.