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As a creator you're the prime focus of our community. Welcome to our team of editors, developers and designers who are available round the clock to help you edit, design and publish your work on the web.

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Who are we?

We're an opinionated community of book lovers on the web. A small but thriving community of writers, designers and developers who believe that books will one day become first class citizen of the web. We love reading books online. Books with beautiful typography, well-designed layout and simple paginated content. We love page turning experience — something that is native to experience of books.

All our books are progressive Single Page Apps (pSPAs). This means that they work with or without Internet.

Who are you?

A writer or a magazine maker or a comics book artist.

Welcome you to sign up and join our community to create a better forte of books for the web. We'll assist you in every possible way, right from setting your manuscript (start project) book (final product) pipeline. Once your product is ready we'll help you take it to the readers as well and engage.

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