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Dear Writer or Maker,

Welcome to Bubblin—an online café of books. A community of book-lovers on the web.

As a storyteller you're the prime mover of our industry. The main focus of our community. Everything we do centers around your life, your day-to-day hundrum and your thoughtful moments that inch us closer to yet another awesome book for the world to read and admire.

Our team of editors, developers and designers will strive round-the-clock to help you eke out a great story: a powerful product, possibly a bestseller for the mass market. Interested? Sure, reach us out on chat below and we'd love to talk about your project next.

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We have a web-based manuscript editor that you can start on on our tools page. There is some terrific documentation (our friends say so) and many free and open source templates (projects) to get you started.

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Dear writer, mind is your secret weapon, not the pen.

Who are we?

Behind the scenes we're an opinionated community of book-lovers on the web. A small but thriving group of developers, designers and editors who believe that books should and will one day become a first class citizen of the web. In fact we want this to happen right now!

On the sitefront we are hosts for people who love reading good books online—the readers. Readers on Bubblin love works with beautiful typography, tight design and a responsive layout. They love a nicely paced well-paginated story in form of leafs bound together on a spine that could be turned over and over with a great feel of physical books. We believe that feel of page turns is important for the experience of books; it separates the idea of books from let's say a sliding powerpoint presentation.

All our books are progressive Single Page Apps (pSPAs). This means that they work with and without Internet.

Who are you?

A writer or a magazine maker or a comics book artist. Or simply a front end developer.

We welcome you to sign up and join our community to create a better forte of books for the web. Bubblin will assist you in every possible way, right from setting your manuscript (start project) book (final product) pipeline. Once your product is ready we'll help you take it to the readers as well and engage.

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Learn more about Bubblin on our FAQs page.

Who is this ultimately for?


Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.